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At SV Skyline, we blend Silicon Valley technical and business sophistication with broad legal expertise to provide you with unique legal counsel.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, startup company, global enterprise, investor, or financial institution, we combine superior technology proficiency, industry experience and legal expertise to help you surpass your competition and maximize your business potential.  We leverage our experience as outside counsel from top law firms and as General Counsel inside private and public companies to give you sophisticated legal advice.  We are not your typical lawyers, and we don't give you pros and cons for your hard problems; instead, we act as your close legal counselor, we give you solutions, and we help you drive towards the outcomes you want.


If you have worked with us, you already know how we are different.  If we have not worked together, please read below about our Integrated Counseling philosophy, operating principles and industry areas.

Integrated Counseling

We bring together business acumen, technology proficiency and multiple fields of law to optimize your outcomes in the following areas:

  • Corporate and Finance

  • Fundraising and Debt Financing

  • Payments and Commerce

  • Technology Licensing

  • Commercial Transactions

  • Patents

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • IP Counseling

  • International Transactions

  • Employment and Consulting Relationships

Our Operating Principles

We work with businesses that can benefit from our expertise, we bring a multidimensional approach to your business and legal challenges, and we help you balance risks and benefits to drive to optimal outcomes:

  • We work with selective companies who seek the best legal counsel
  • We maintain a high-end practice and focus on a small set of clients
  • We balance our practice between startups and global enterprises
  • We enjoy our work and charge reasonable fees
  • We provide integrated legal counsel that merges corporate, commercial, finance, business and IP considerations to maximize outcomes
Industry Areas

There are a few technologies and business models that we know well, and that is where we focus to help our clients beat the competition:​

  • Payments and Fintech

  • Commerce and Omnichannel

  • Cloud

  • Data Analytics and Monetization

  • Web Services
  • Social Networking
  • Privacy
  • Software and SAAS

  • Semiconductors

  • Microprocessors and ICs

  • Wireless and Mobile Communications

  • Energy

  • Information Technology (IT)

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