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Welcome to the Commerce Blog! 

At Silicon Valley Skyline, we focus heavily on the business, economic and legal issues in the Commerce industry for both SMBs and Enterprises. 

  • Our view of Commerce includes payments and payment gateways, ISO and payment processing arrangements, Financial Technology (FinTech), payment terminals, cloud and legacy Point of Sale (POS) technology, Omnichannel functionality, and data analytics and monetization. 

  • We see Omnichannel as encompassing reservations, digital coupons, digital advertising,  loyalty programs, ERP systems, Accounting systems, and other aspects of digital transformation helping physical SMBs and Enterprises compete with Online merchants.

  • To us, mobile payments and web ordering, including cell phone wallets and online payments, bridge between the traditional payments industry and the emerging Omnichannel ecosystem.  In a more expansive view, we see payments and Omnichannel fusing together into new dynamic Commerce paradigms that defy categorizations, verticals and geographic boundaries.

  • Data is of particular interest to us, since our view is that SKU-level data is the key to unifying commerce and to helping Brick and Mortar (B&M) merchants compete with online leaders like Amazon.  We see SKU-level data collection, analytics and monetization across multiple verticals as the fundamental component of commerce that can help merchants and other commerce ecosystem players improve their behavioral profiling of consumers, can assist merchants increase revenue and improve Business Intelligence KPIs, and can enable consumers to get what they want better, cheaper and faster, when, where and how they want it.

  • Is Commerce a zero-sum game, or is it possible for SKU-level data to bridge across B2B and B2C and increase economic outcomes across all levels of the Commerce ecosystem?  We think it is the latter: if Commerce data is understood and deployed optimally across the omnichannel, we believe that new supply-demand equilibrium points can be achieved, and that economic returns can be maximized in parallel at multiple levels of the Commerce chain.


This Commerce Blog is focusing on these issues and on other aspects of the Commerce chain.  We invite you to join us at SV Skyline in this conversation.  Thank you for visiting.

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