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Operating Principles


We enjoy what we do, and we only work with companies for which we believe we can add real value.  We don't try to do everything for everyone.


Here are some of our guiding principles:

  • We are small and like it that way.  The work we do requires experience, and you deserve sophisticated counsel.  Larger firms may assign junior associates to your business, but we don't do that.

  • If we are the right legal partner for your business and we commit to you as a client, we work hard to continue to earn your business every day.  We know you have options, and we know that you can find a lawyer with a simple Google search.  We think we are better.  If we ever feel that someone else could do your work better, faster and cheaper, we will tell you.

  • We charge reasonable fees.  Our goal is not to maximize our income, but to optimize your outcome.  If we are the best legal counsel for your business, we are confident that things will work out well for both of us in the long term.  If you ever feel that we did not earn our fees, please tell us and we will refund them. 


Our philosophy is that we can't be everything to everyone, and we don't think that a sophisticated client would want a legal or business advisor to try to do everything.  But at the same time, our combination of broad experience and deep expertise is a unique and powerful driver that can help our clients reach the next level.  We expect that our clients will choose carefully before they pick us, and at the same time we are careful in accepting engagements to ensure that we only commit to the right clients.  You are looking for the best legal counsel at a reasonable price, and we are looking for the best companies and enjoyable work.  Let's talk.

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